2014 Food Adventurers, Kerala.

2014 Food Adventurers, Kerala.

Are you a Food Adventurer wanting to experience a culinary and cultural holiday like no other? Why not join us for a travel and food experience to remember. Contact us: claires@tickboxmarketing.co.uk for details of our 2015 tour.

Experience Kerala

Kerala is a paradise of the senses – a world of exotic flavours, vibrant colours and heady aromas. A place to touch the cool waters and wonder at the sights and sounds of the real India at its best.

kerala has called to explorers since the dawn of history with the warm trade winds that caress its shores carrying traders and adventurers from Rome, Arabia, Portugal and the Netherlands for than 5000 years.

Kerala’s food is a reflection of the place itself – a diverse and harmonious masala mix that invokes a rich and varied history, but is at once a very modern and unmistakably Indian.

Kerala is one of the most welcoming and forward-thinking regions of the sub-continent, with a strong emphasis on eco-tourism, good health and high living standards and a tourist industry set up for the more discerning traveller.

About the inter Cookery Tour – Kerala Cookery Experience

Hands-on cookery classes in a truly inspiring and beautiful Keralan setting.

Hands-on cookery classes in a truly inspiring and beautiful Keralan setting.

The Kerala Cookery Experience – International Cookery Tours are curated by experienced and award winning Kerala Indian food specialists from the UK and Kerala, who have been running popular cookery experience classes for many years with one of the top five Indian restaurants and the pioneer of New Indian Cuisine in the UK – Mint and Mustard.

We have designed our tours to give guests a truly hands-on opportunity to learn to cook with some of the best Indian chefs in the world – not just a cultural and culinary extravaganza but a chance to experience the place from the plate. See our photo gallery to get a flavour of the Kerala Cookery Experience.